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Process of Name approval of LLP through “RUN-LLP (Reservation Unique Name-LLP)”

The Complete process of LLP incorporation comprises various steps.

Here in this article, we will describe the most essential step which is the “Process of Name approval (Name reservation) of LLP”.

Step 1: Login on the MCA Website: 

The applicant has to login into their account on MCA Website. (Pro-existing users can use the earlier account or new users have to create a new account)


Step 2: Click on the RUN option in the MCA Services:

 After Logging into the MCA account, the user has to click on the icon “RUN” in MCA Service.

An online form “RUN-LLP-Reservation Unique Name-LLP” will display on the screen.

Picture3 TaxClue

*The form “RUN-LLP” is a web-based form. Consequently, the applicant has to fill in all the relevant information in an online mode.

Picture2 TaxClue

Step 3Details required to be specified in the online form:

  • Entity type LLP
  • LLPIN (LLPIN and it has to be entered only when an existing company wishes to change its name and is using RUN to reserve a new name)
  • Proposed name (Auto Check Facility)

                     *Two names can be mentioned in the case of Applicant is  having a choice of names.

  • Comment (Mention the Objects of the proposed LLP and any other relevant information Like Trade Mark etc.)
  • Choose File (Any attachment)


Step 4: Submission of the Form on the  MCA portal:

After completing the above steps, the user shall submit the Form to the MCA portal for moving to the further process.


Step 5: Payment of the Fees:

After submitting the form, the applicant has to pay the fees of Rs. 200.

The applicant has to pay the fees immediately after submission of the form.

There is no option of pay later challan in RUN.

After payment of the fees, the challan for the form shall be generated.


Step 6: Validity of the Reserved Name:

After making the payment, the reserved name shall be valid for the period of 90 days from the date of the approval of Name.

After the expiry of 90 days, the applicant has to submit the new form for the reservation of name.

Note: We are introducing the complete knowledge series for the LLP Act, 2008.

After the first article on the “Process of Name approval of LLP”, in our next article, we will explain the process of incorporation of the LLP.


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