What are the main Benefits of MSME Loan?

Every small business needs financial support at some point. Most of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) usually require some sort of financial support when they are moving up the growth curve. The money may be needed for purchasing basic equipment, upgradation of infrastructure or for meeting operating expenses. Where the money comes from is completely the choice of the owner and his/ her priorities. Many different establishments have the option of procuring funds from various borrowing instruments.

But, when it comes to MSMEs, the ideal route taken to address monetary needs is an MSME loan in India.

Let us look at the various factors which have made MSME loan so popular among small businesses in India.


Running an establishment in the Indian economic situation can be challenging. Due to seasonality of demands and many other issues, there can be times with excess of funds, while sometimes every single penny can make a difference. When the latter situation comes, funds will be required to be arranged on an urgent basis.

Getting an MSME loan is easy and hassle free. There is not much time taken to disburse the loan amount and documentation is also minimal. The processing time is very quick; some companies have approval times as low as 24 hours.

Full Control

A small business will also need to address the financial needs of the company in the course of doing business. Finance is not easy to get, and other sources of loan such as angel investors and venture capitalists offer finance but also seek to control part of the company in return.

A small business owner may not look forward to giving the control of the business. MSME loans are specially designed to meet the requirements of small businesses. They are an excellent source of finance for business owners who wants to avoid liquidation of control.

Reduced Interest Rates

In a business environment, the more money one has on hand, the better positioned he/she is to take on the risks that come along the way. MSME loans, with their competitive interest rates, ensure that only the minimum amount is spent in repayment of the loan, and the rest is available for other business needs.

No Strings Attached

MSME loans do not require collateral from companies to be eligible for it.
The nature of small business is such that they are ‘asset light’ and can’t afford to keep their equipment as collateral.

Small businesses cannot pledge their valuable resources to banks for cash, as this can have adverse impact on their productivity, if something goes wrong. MSME loans, thus, turn out to be an ideal source of funds when the need arises.

Short-term Commitment

MSME loans are mostly utilised for short-term requirements by small businesses. This arrangement provides a certain amount of flexibility to the borrower, as there is no long-term commitment required on his/ her part. Having a short-term commitment also allows the management room to manage the cash flow and allocate available resources efficiently.


MSME loans come with great benefits for small businesses, like no collateral, fast processing cycle and online account access, that meet the exact needs of small businesses at any stage of their growth.

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