For registering a Company a minimum of 2 Directors are to be appointed whereas a maximum of 15 directors can be appointed. To register a Private Limited Company there is no limit over the minimum paid-up capital is required and the name of the company should end with Pvt Ltd.

Checklist for Registering a Company

  • A minimum of 2 Directors who are residents of India.
  • Minimum of 2 Shareholders and a maximum of 200 shareholders are required.
  • A registered office address is required.
  • All the documents are to be submitted online.

How to register a Private Limited Company?

Submission of Documents:

The identity documents of the 2 proposed Directors are to submit which include PAN Card or Passport.

Address Proof: Passport/ Driver License/ Election ID/ Ration Card/ Aadhar Card.

Residence Proof: Bank Statement/ Electricity Bill/Phone Bill.

Name Approval process:

The name of the company should be unique and an application is to be made for approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Up to 2 names can be provided. In case of rejection, an opportunity is given to the applicant for re-submission of the form with 2 more names.

Obtaining the Digital Signature Certificate:

It is necessary to obtain the Digital Signatures of the proposed directors. The DSC is required for signing the incorporation application. However, the DSC is not required to obtain the name approval.

SPICe+ Form Application:

After obtaining the Digital Signature Certificate the incorporation application is submitted in the SPICe form with the MCA. There is no requirement to obtain the name approval to submit the SPICe Form.

Incorporation of the Company:

The Company Incorporated and an Incorporation certificate along with the PAN, TAN can be obtained within 2-3 business days.

Current Bank account:

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What are the Compliances for a Company registered?

Statutory Auditor Appointment: The Board of Directors has to appoint a Practising Chartered Accountant within 30 days of Incorporation to carry on the Statutory audit.

Commencement of Business: The Capital that is mentioned in the MOA is to be deposited in the bank and the certificate of commencement has to be obtained from the MCA.

Income Tax filing: The Companies that are registered in Mumbai have to file the income tax return each year in Form ITR 6.

Annual return: The Companies that are registered in Mumbai need to file the MCA annual return mandatorily each year in Form AOC 4 and MGT 7.

DIN KYC: The DIN KYC procedure must be completed each year for the proposed directors of the Company.

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