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Forms under Factories Act, 1948

We have discussed in the Factories Act about the applicability of the Act that this act is applicable to every manufacturing entity where 10 and more workers are working with the help of power and more than 20 workers are working without the help of power. Now In this article, we will discuss the various types of Forms used in Complying with the Factories Act.

Here is in the following table we are giving the forms applicable to Factories.

We will also provide you with the various formats of the Forms. If anyone of you needed the Format, can comment on us and ping us by the direct links given in footer under the social media tab.


S.No Type & Nature Of Document Description Of the Form Relevant Clause / Schedule Of Submission / Maintenance Submitting Authority / Remarks
1 Form 1 Application for permission to construct, extend or take into use any building as a factory To be submitted to the Chief Inspector Of Factories, duly signed by the Occupier Of the factory before commencing the manufacturing process
2 Form 2 Application for registration and grant or renewal of the license To be submitted by the Occupier/Manager to the Inspector Of Factories of the area concerned not later than the date on which the license expires
3 Form 3 Notice of Change of Manager Rule 12-A / to be made by the occupier and submitted to the Chief Inspector Of Factories with the signature of the new manager and occupier appended
4 Form 4 License to work a factory Rule 5 / To be granted by the Inspector Of Factories after verifying the correctness of the application. This license shall remain valid up to 31st December of the year for which it is granted
5 Form 5 Certificate Of Fitness Rule 14- 2(a) / To be granted by the certifying surgeon to the young persons employed in a factory
6 Form 6 Humidity Register Rule 24 / Temperatures recorded in a Hygrometer to be entered in this register.
7 Form 7 Record of Lime Washings, Paintings, etc. Rule 15 / To be maintained with the dates on which whitewashing, color washing, varnishing, etc. are carried out.
8 Form 8 Report on examination of the pressure vessel  
9 Form 9 Register Of Compensatory Holidays Rule 77(4) / To be maintained by the manager in respect of compensatory holidays
10 Form 10 Overtime Muster Roll for exempted workers Rule 78 / To be maintained by the manager of every factory in which workers are exempted under Sections 64 or 65
11 Form 10-A Overtime Slip  
12 Form 11 Notice Of Periods Of Work for Adult Workers Rule 79 / To be exhibited by the Manager of every factory
13 Form 12 Register Of Adult Workers Rule 80 / To be maintained in every factory
14 Form 12-A Identity Card Of Workers Rule 80-A / To be issued to every worker with the signature of occupier/manager of the factory
15 Form 13 Notice of Periods of work for child workers Rule 85 / To be exhibited by the Manager of every factory
16 Form 14 Register Of Child Workers Rule 86 / To be maintained in respect of child workers employed
17 Form 15 Register Leave wages Rule 87 / To be maintained by the manager of every factory
18 Form 16 Health Register Section 87 / To be maintained by the manager in respect of dangerous operations
19 Form 17-A Notice Accident dangerous occurrence Rule 96 / Within 12 hours of the occurrence of an accident / Factory Inspector; SDO; Officer-In-Charge of the nearest police station
20 Form 18 Notice Poisoning disease Rule 97 / To be sent by the manager of the factory as soon as any worker contacts any disease specified in the schedule to the Chief Inspector/ Inspector/Medical Inspector/Certifying Surgeon
21 Form 19 Abstract of the Act Rule 99 / To be displayed in every factory
22 Form 20 Annual Return Rule 100(1) / To be furnished by the Manager to the Chief Inspector before 15th January of the year subsequent to which it relates
23 Form 21 Half Yearly Return Rule 100(2) / To be furnished by the Manager to the Chief Inspector before 15th July of each year
24 Form 22 Muster Roll Rule 103 / To be maintained by the manager of every factory in respect of workers employed in the factory
25 Form 23 Register Of Accidents Rule 104 / To be maintained in every factory furnishing complete details in respect of every accident which may occur
26 Form 24 Special Certificate Of Fitness To be granted by the certifying surgeon in respect of persons employed in operations involving the use of lead compounds
27 Form 25 Certificate Of Fitness for dangerous operations Rule 96 / To be granted by the certifying surgeon in respect of persons employed in dangerous operations
28 Form 26 Register Of Surgeon’s fees for the issue of duplicate certificate Rule 14 / To be maintained by the certifying surgeon or examining surgeon in respect of fees paid for the issue of a duplicate certificate
29 Form 27 Certifying Surgeon’s visit note Rule 14 (9) / To be handed over by the certifying surgeon or examining surgeon to the Manager detailing the result of each visit to the factory
30 Form 28 Diary Of Inspector Of Factories  
31 Form 29 Closure Report Of a Factory  
32 Form 30 Register of Water Sealed Gas Holder Rule 57-A / To be maintained by the manager in respect of examination reports of the gasholders carried out by the person qualified to carry out the test
33 Form 31 Report on examination of water-sealed gas holders Rule 57-A / To be submitted by the person carrying out the examination in the form of a report to the manager or the occupier.
34 Form 32 Register of trained adult male workers employed to carry out mounting or shifting or belts, lubrication, etc. Rule 59-A / To be maintained in every factory carrying therein the name of every worker who may be employed in performing work specified in section 21
35 Form 33 Certificate to young persons considered fit to work at machine, plant or process of the dangerous character Rule 59- B(2) / To be maintained by the manager, containing therein the certificates issued to young persons.
36 Form 34 Form Of Certificate Of Stability Rule 3-A / To be sent by the manager or occupier of the factory to the chief Inspector in respect of the manufacturing process carried out.
37 Form 35 Record Of Eye Examination Rule 59- C(4) / To be sent by the manager/ occupier within 15 days from the date of examination.

Disclaimer: The contents of this document are solely for informational purposes. It does not constitute professional advice. Neither the authors accept any liabilities for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of any information in this document nor for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

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