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Trademark Renewal

Trademark registration is granted for specific term i.e. 10 years from its application. The renewal of the trademark is necessary to continue enjoying your ownership rights over it. Renew your trademark before it expires.

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What is Trademark Renewal?

A registered trademark in India expires after 10 years. But, it can be kept permanent by filing a trademark renewal application online or offline by paying necessary renewal fees every 10 years. This application has to be filed on or before 6 months from the date of expiration of the registration. Trademark Renewal in India can help you keep your trademark perpetual and permanent as there are no restrictions on how many times and for how many years you wish to keep your trademark status active and registered.

Benefits of Trademark Renewal in India

Protection from Frivolous Litigation

It is possible to have a seamless trademark protection without any chances of litigation. Renewal of trademarks makes impossible for someone to claim rights over it other than the trademark owner.

Extension of Ownership Rights

One can avail protection from infringement of rights over the brand name. The exclusive rights over the trademark are extended for 10 years after each renewal. Hence it provides a permanent protection of your brand and goodwill created by the brand.

Brand Name Security

Renewal of trademark promises continuous and unhindered protection of the brand name. Failure of renewal leads to a lapse of legal protection in Brand name.

Monetary Returns

A trademark owner has the exclusive rights to assign or license the mark to someone else in return of some monetary compensation. Thus, one can make a profit from a registered trademark as well.

Documents required for trademark renewal application

Proof of Applicant

PAN Card and Address Proof of Applicant

Certificate of registration (other than Individual applicant)

TM Certificate

Trademark registration certificate issued by Registry

Power of Attorney

It allows the attorney to file the trademark renewal application on your behalf with the trademark registry

Copy of TM-A

The application filed with the TM Registry for its registration is to be provided

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