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Subsidiary of Foreign Company

Incorporate a Subsidiary of Foreign Company

Starting an Indian Subsidiary is the most accessible and easy mode for setting up business in India by foreign companies. The Government of India allows 100% FDI in most of the industries when set up as a company. 

Company Details
Act No specified Act
Registration Requirement No
Number of members Only 1
Separate Legal Entity No
Liability Protection Unlimited
Statutory Audit Not mandatory
Ownership Transferability No
Uninterrupted Existence No
Foreign Participation Not Allowed
Tax Rates Low
Statutory Compliances Less

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What is an Indian Subsidiary?

Starting an Indian Subsidiary is the most accessible and easy mode for setting up business in India by foreign companies. The Government of India allows 100% FDI in most of the industries when set-up as a company. This also becomes a reason for foreign nationals and entities to end up their search on private company structure to establish their business.

An Indian structure is also beneficial as it is a centralized structure in place and governed by Companies Act, 2013. Withholding the majority or whole portion of stocks, all you need is one resident director and a place of business in India. However, it is simplified to set-up and run business, these companies must assess pertinent provisions of law. The Indian subsidiary of a foreign entity is also popularly known as a foreign company in India.

Benefits of foreign company registration in India

Easy entry gate

When compared to other business structure, the entry to Indian business sphere is easy as a private company. Apart from liberal norms, the set-up is a hassle-free deal as a company. Incorporation process and post-registration steps are now simplified with online processes and one window processing.

Permanent establishment in India

By registering a subsidiary in India, the foreign nationals or entities establish a permanent place of business and a legal entity in India. A company registered in India has separate legal identity than the promoters and the stockholders.

Strategic control over operations

Although being a foreign person, this structure helps the promoters to control over the operations and activities in a strategic manner. With at least one Indian resident director, the foreign entities benefit from the indirect control and supervision.

Expansion with limited liability

The ultimate goal of setting a foreign branch happens to be an expansion of the business. A limited liability is an added advantage when it comes to entering in the whole new market. Where you increase the brand value across the globe, you also secure your liability with this structure.

Documents required to register an Indian Subsidiary

PAN Card

PAN Card of shareholders and Directors. Foreign nationals must provide a valid passport.

Identity Proof

Aadhar card and Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License of Shareholders and Directors.

Address Proof

Telephone Bill /Electricity Bill/ Latest Bank Account Statement of Shareholders and Directors


Latest Passport size photograph of Shareholders and Directors.

Business Address Proof

Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill of the registered office address in India

NOC from owner

No Objection Certificate to be obtained from the owner(s) of registered office

Rent Agreement

Rent Agreement of the registered office should be provided if any

Constitutional documents

In case of NRI or Foreign National, documents of director (s) must be notarized or apostilled

List of Directors & Secretaries

It is to be provided on the letterhead of the company (apostilled or notarized)

Place of Business

Full address of the principal place of business of the foreign entity

Authorised Representative

Name and address of the person (Authorized Representative) who shall receive legal documents on behalf of the company

Prior registrations

Details of opening and closing of a place of business in India on earlier occasion

Formulation of Company Name

Unique Name

Mainly it builds the company brand and preferably be a coined word

Business Object

The second part of the name should suggest the business activity of the company

Constitution Type

Name of the company must end with “Private Limited” as a suffix

Process Flow

Register a Company in 3 Easy Steps

1. Answer Quick Questions

  • It takes less than 10 minutes to fill in our Questionnaires
  • Provide basic details & documents required for registration
  • Make payment through secured payment gateways

2. Experts are Here to Help

  • Assigned Relationship Manager
  • Procurement of Digital Signatures (DSC)
  • Application for Name Reservation
  • Documents drafting including MOA and AOA
  • Certificate of Incorporation

3. Your Company is Registered

  • All it takes is 12 – 15 working days*

Foreign company registration process

Day 1

  • Application for Digital Signature Certificate

Day 2 - 4

  • Checking Name availability
  • Application for Name Reservation under “RUN
  • Reservation of Name

Day 5 - 7

  • Drafting of MoA, AoA & other required documents
  • Payment of Stamp Duty
  • Notarization of required documents

Day 9 - 10

  • Filing application for company registration
  • Application for DIN Allotment
  • Application for PAN and TAN of company

Day 11 - 12

  • Government processing time
  • Certificate of Incorporation

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