Draft Consent by shareholder for Shorter Notice


Consent by Shareholder for shorter notice

 [Pursuant to section 101(1)]

Date: ________________



The Board of Directors




I, ________________, S/o/D/o__________________, Resident of __________________________________, holding ____________equity shares of Rs. ________each and aggregate amount of Rs. ___________(Rupees _______________Only) in the company in my own name hereby given consent, pursuant to section 101(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 to hold the Annual General Meeting on (AGM Date) at a shorter notice.





Name: _________________

Folio No: ____

Add: ___________________

CS Divesh Goyal

CS Divesh Goyal is a Fellow member of ICSI, Practicing Company Secretary, and Steering Voice in the Corporate World. He is a Prop. at Goyal Divesh & Associates, Company Secretaries. He is a competent professional having enrich 6 years post qualification experience as Company Secretary with expertise in Corporate Law, FEMA, IBC, SEBI, RBI. He has written more than 600 editorials on Companies Act, 2013 to keep at pace with the latest changes and critically analyse the implications of various provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016, FEMA, RBI, SEBI etc. He is a vibrant, sought after, and spellbinding speaker and has delivered more than 200 sessions on various aspects of Company Law at ICSI, ICAI, and online platforms. Apart from his passion for his work he also believes in elevating his profession and for that dream

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