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Tax Account Number is used for deducting tax or collecting tax from a source in prescribed cases. Every person required to deduct TDS and collect TCS must obtain TAN first.

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What is a Tax Account Number?

Tax Account Number is commonly referred as Tax Deduction Account Number or Tax Collection Account Number, or simply TAN. TAN registration leads to a generation of 10 digits alpha-numeric code that is issued by the Income Tax Department of India. As the name suggests, it is obtained by the person responsible for deduction or collection of tax at source (TDS or TCS). Businesses while deducting the salaries of employees must obtain and mention the number. Specified criteria to collect and deduct tax at source are already prescribed by the Government. Also, it is compulsory to quote TAN of the assesses in TDS/ TCS statements and challan for payment of TDS/ TCS.

Requirements of Tax Account Number

Mandatory for deduction & collection of tax

The government has specified certain transactions including salary where the assesses needs to collect or deduct the tax from the source itself. While entering into such transactions, Tax Account Number is mandatory to be mentioned.

TDS Certificate and Filing

Every person deducting TDS at source must issue a certificate to the effect that the tax has been deducted with other required particulars. The certificate of TDS must quote the TAN of the deductors. Also, while filing TDS returns online, providing TAN is mandatory.

Documents Requirement for TAN Application

Address Proof

Copy of Aadhar Card or other address proof

Applicants Information

Name, contact details and signature of the applicant

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation in case of company and LLP


Agreement in case of LLP and Partnership Firm

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